About Me

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In simple terms, I am me. To you, I’m probably not anyone important or special, just another teenage blogger and we all know that there are too many teenagers using the internet to post about their feelings. To me, I am a young intellectual seeking to express myself within the confines of these posts. Of course, there are many more aspects of my personal life that have made me the individual that you can see above.

For starters,

I’m a hopeless romantic, a dreamer within the constraints of realism, and a junkie for any 80’s movie featuring Molly Ringwald.


Her strength inspires me to reach beyond the social structure of proper southern belle etiquette and to never let anyone break me.


By now, you might have noticed that I am in fact a teenage girl, and one that’s in college at that. And like any other woman living 21st century America, social inequalities still challenge me daily. Many males also face this challenge, and while I do think there are valid occurrences, cases against women are more prevalent in our society. Most women, like myself, have been told by society what a “lady” acts like, looks like, and works like in many social atmospheres. From being told on the playground  that we will never be able to run as fast a comparable male at that same age to women professionals earning on average 33% less than their male counterparts, we face injustice.

However, I do think that men face injustices within our court system and military. Fathers caught in custody battles lose the rights to their children 80% of the time, as most courts believe that the mother ALWAYS knows best. While mothers are essential for young babies, sometimes fathers are the better keepers and raisers of their children, and this is not always taken into account. It is also unfair that only men are forced to sign up for the draft, when women are perfectly capable of completing many of the same tasks. If men are required to sign up, then so can women, because after all, we are strong too.

men and women

I was once that young girl on the playground, who was afraid to get dirty and get rough with the boys. I was once told I wasn’t good enough because I wasn’t as strong as a boy. I was once weak, but now I’m strong.

With this blog,  I want to explore all levels of gender inequalities, some I agree with and some I might not.

In the end, they affect all Americans and I can be a voice for those with my same opinions (or a debater to those who do not).




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